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  • Bronze Door Lock

Door Lock – Antique Bronze


Here’s how our technology can work for you:

  1. Assign/Delete different user codes to lock and unlock your Z-Wave Door Lock.
  2. Lock and unlock your door from your smart phone or tablet from anywhere, anytime.

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Product Description

For this product, Our Alarm system only accommodates the following max quantity: 5 items.

With a keypad of 6 buttons that light up, and the ability to hold up to 25 personalized pass codes, this Z-Wave deadbolt lock allows you to unlock your home manually or using your smart phone or tablet. This Z-Wave Door Lock is compatible with your standard exterior and interior doors, you can replace your existing deadbolt with the Z-Wave lock with no extra hassles or holes. Features allow for that deadbolt lock to be used even if your door is not perfectly aligned. The communication via Radio Frequency is anywhere between 50-100 feet.


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