Now that I have my new Indoor cameras, I am learning new ways to use them that I never would have thought before. My daughter calls it the virtual eyes in the back of my head. Although, I am not sure she means that lovingly. I’m sure my cameras have diverted a party or two. I love being able to check in on my house, and know what’s going on, when I am at work, out to dinner and even on vacation.

The camera makes a great Nanny-cam. It eliminates the urge to call and check in every hour to make sure everything is okay, because now I can see for myself. This also gives the baby-sitter more time to play and interact with my kids, without the distraction of my nagging phone calls.
nanny and kids
I also use my camera as my personal spy tool. I was baking for the annual school bake sale, and noticed that my cookie trays were short a few cookies. I set-up my camera on my kitchen counter, and sure enough my sticky-fingers husband, was helping himself to some of my famous chocolate chip cookies. That thief!
Another great feature of my new Indoor camera is that I can save recordings for future use. If I am away and I see my kids having a fun moment together, I can save that clip to look back on later, when I need a reminder of how good they can sometimes be.