This season is the time of the year when people come together and spread the joy of the holidays and joy of gift giving. We want to make your holidays safer and make you more cautious when it comes to certain hazards that can happen during the holiday season. We have created 5 simple safety tips on how you can make tis season even the better one

5 Simple Safety Tips for Your Holiday Season

1. Use LED lights for your tree.

Why- LED lights will last you 150% longer than normal standard lights, and also save you more money on your monthly electricity bill, and gives you a brighter show for your tree.

2. Make sure your tree receives daily intake of water

Why- Watering your tree daily is important for the lifespan of your tree and also the risk of your tree drying out and causing of a FIRE from over heating of lights.

3. Put a automatic timer on electric outlet for your lights to come on and go off.

Why- Simply, to save money on your monthly electric bill and to assure the convenience of not having to remember to turn it on and off.

4. Make sure your tree is in a safe, durable stand

Why- This ensures safety of your tree falling over on anyone near it , along with factor if there are any lit candles in distance which can cause a fire.

5. Don’t place presents under your tree exposing too much of a visual from the outside.

Why- As the holidays are an enjoyable time of the year, it’s also the main time of the year where home break-ins are at a high risk. By exposing your presents under your tree, you are exposing to the intruder an open look of what you have available. Be cautious and don’t place the gifts in visible verification from outside areas.