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Protects your home from fire, even when your alarm panel is disarmed.

Secure Encrypted Wireless Communication
Arm/Disarm alarm from Iphone, Android, or computer
Text email alerts for alarm system events
Control of Lights, Thermostats, and Locks from Smart Phone or Computer
Alerts to make sure your kids get home safe
Severe Weather Alerts
Intrusion, Burglary, Flood, Fire, and Smoke Detection with 24/7 Monitoring
Fastest Response Time in the Industry
Homeowners Insurance Discounts of up to 10-20%
Wireless Image Sensor Technology (Must Have Image Sensor)
Identity Theft Protection (Up to 10 Users)
2-way voice Verification

Start by surveying your home or business.How many entry doors do you have? These are the most vulnerable points in your home or business as 90% of break-ins occur through the front or back door. The next most vulnerable places in your home or business are the ground-floor windows. Ground-floor windows may be protected by individual sensors, motion sensors, or glass break sensors, depending on the layout of your home or business or business. America’s Best Alarms can truly customize a system that is best for you. Call us today to get started.

Yes. America’s Best Alarms offers a monitored security solution for your business. With automated text, e-mail and push notifications

  • Text/email alerts to your computer or smartphone
  • Free mobile apps
  • Live video surveillance
  • Interactive capabilities, to let you monitor traffic at your business, inform you of employee arrival and departure times, etc.

Please note that due to licensing restrictions we cannot offer monitoring of commercial fire and smoke alarms.

Alarm system functionality

How is Americas Best Alarms different from any other alarm company?

Wireless Connection-

Our wireless system with an encrypted cellular connection built in to the IQ Panel is a key feature. This eliminates the need to have phone lines or internet connected to your alarm system in order to receive and send signals.


We use for our platform of interactive home automated technology. is the first ever automation program to be available in our industry. Most companies that claim to use similar technology, but none can compare to Our automation does not require internet or broadband connection, and 90% of all other automation systems do. That means if your power goes out or the internet is down, you lose control of home or business alarm system. The Qolsys system’s automation features the benefits of controlling your thermostat, locking your doors, and turning your lights on and off. Some of the newest added features such as identity theft protection, geo fencing, and two-way voice, are all included in our rate packages. This advanced technology can all be controlled remotely, using a smart phone, tablet or home computer. For smart phones and tablets: simply download our free app: We also offer service plans from monitoring your own system without internet connection, which is the first ever in the United States, or to have it monitored by a UL 5 diamond Monitored station.

Customer Service-

Because we want you to be able to use your system to its full potential, we offer Red Carpet Concierge Service. With this service, we are with you every step of the way, from downloading our app to setting up your alerts and devices. We are here to educate and update our clients on the most current information regarding security and home automation. We know that technology and home automation are cornerstones of the future, and we are here to take you every step of the way.

Our Guarantees-

Best Price Guarantee- If you find the same equipment with the same technology for a better price, we will subtract $2 from their rate. We will also pay for the first three months of your monitoring!

Unlike many other security companies, America’s Best Alarms offer a system that is completely wire free. Our system does not rely on internet or phone line connection, so in the event of a service interruption, your home or business will still be protected. Wireless security also makes it impossible for an intruder to cut the connection to your alarm system.

America’s Best Alarms has no set-up or installation fees.

America’s Best Alarms offer competitive pricing that can’t be beat. In fact, if you find the same equipment with the same technology for a better price, we will subtract $2 from their rate. We will also pay for the first three months of your monitoring. It’s that simple!

Yes. Our smoke and fire detectors are monitored 24/7. If the detector senses smoke or fire, a signal is sent to the monitoring center. The monitoring center will then notify you based on your specified call list. If they are unable to reach anyone to verify a false alarm, a dispatch will occur.

Yes. Our alarm system is specifically designed to be simple to set-up and user-friendly. The set-up process, depending on how many sensors your have purchased, can usually be completed in under 30 minutes.

The IQ Panel can wirelessly pair up to 64 security sensors. 59 are reserved for security sensors and 5 for Image Sensors.

We currently support Yale Z-Wave locks, but more may come in the future.

Yes the noise of the alarm is a great deterrent against intruders; however the noise alone cannot alert police if a break-in is occurring. Having a 24/7 monitored alarm system allows you to have peace of mind that your home or business is protected. If an intrusion or fire is detected at your home, our five diamond UL Monitoring station will alert the authorities and assure that your home and your valuables suffer the least amount of damage possible.

If primary power is disconnected the panel will shift into “Power Management” mode and will last up to 24 hours as required by UL specifications, but features such as Z-Wave and Wifi will power down. The LED lights will turn off, and the screen will shut down. If the screen is touched the power management mode will cease, and battery life cannot be guaranteed.