Access and control your entire home with ZeroWire™. Turn lights on and off, arm and disarm your security system, lock and unlock your doors, or adjust your thermostat. It’s the smartest, easiest to use security panel you’ll ever own!

Key Fob

Keychain remote control with arming and disarming capabilities. This key fob also serves as a Panic Button with a hidden two button panic built in.

  • Hidden 2-button panic feature.
  • 500 ft Open Air Range

Wireless Personal Panic Device

One touch emergency alert device that can be worn on your wrist, neck or belt.

  • Water resistant
  • 100’ maximum range from ZeroWire™

Cellular Back Up

Add this to your Zero Wire system for back up communication. This type of communication uses AT&T coverage for signal. If your power and wifi go down, this is will still allow communication between your alarm system and the monitoring company.

Security and Fire

Wireless Door/Window Sensor

Wireless Door/Window Sensors are designed to monitor doors and windows but can also monitor liquor cabinets, gun safes and virtually anything else that opens!

Wireless Indoor Motion Detector

The Wireless Indoor Motion Detector detects motion when the ZeroWire™ is set to AWAY mode.

  • Effective up to 35 feet from motion sensor.
  • Pet immune up to 40 Lbs.

Wireless ShatterPro™ Glass Break Detector

The Wireless ShatterPro™ Glass Break Detector detects the pitch and frequency of break glass when your alarm system is armed.

  • Up to 20’ range
  • 360° Coverage Pattern protects an entire room with  one sensor.
  • Listens for actual patterns of breaking glass using Pattern Recognition Technology™
  • Protects all glass types up to 1/4”


Protects your home from fire, even when your alarm panel is disarmed.

  • Heat sensor detects rapid rise in heat, even when smoke is not present.
  • Allows for faster response time from fire department should you choose to have your alarm system monitored by a central station.



This ZeroWire™ HD Night Vision Camera offers you the ability to check in on your home in the event of an alarm.

  • Check in on your kids to make sure they arrived safely at home.
  • Have a trouble-maker pet? Keep an eye on them throughout the day.

Home Automation

Z-WAVE Thermostat

Z-Wave Thermostat allows you to control the atmosphere of your home from the convenience of your smart phone or computer.

  • Smart Schedules learn your routine with the help geo-fencing , to help you save you money on your energy bill.
  • Set custom alerts to let you know if the temperature in your home has a sudden rise or fall in the event of a furnace or air conditioner failure while you are away.


Plug-In Z-Wave device that allows you to remotely control a lamp directly from your smart phone or computer.

  • Set schedules to have your lights turn on and off at designated times.
  • Built-In dimmer switch allows you to remotely dim your lights from your smart phone.


Z-Wave Light Bulb that takes place of an existing light bulb, allows you to control that light feature from the convenience of your smart phone or computer.

  • Uses only 9 watts of energy.
  • Produces a soft white illumination comparable to a traditional 60-watt incandescent light bulb.

Z-WAVE Door Lock

With a keypad of 12 buttons that light up, and the ability to hold up to 25 personalized pass codes, this Z-Wave deadbolt lock allows you to unlock your home manually or using a Z-Wave compatible home controller for an automatic deadbolt lock control. Using remote control features, you can audit the current status of the lock and choose to automatically lock or unlock your door.



Protects your home from carbon monoxide, even when your alarm panel is disarmed.

  • Alerts the central station in the event that carbon monoxide is detected, allowing for fast response from the fire department.
  • Especially useful in homes with carbon monoxide danger from gas-powered stoves, fireplaces, furnaces, etc.


This Flood Sensor is designed to put you a step ahead of possible water damage to your home.

Signs and Stickers

America’s Best Alarms Yard Sign

Home security signs are a great way to create a visible deterrent as a first line of defense around your home. Let the bad guys know you mean business. We recommend installing signs in the front and rear of your home as well as any side that faces a street.

America’s Best Alarms Window Decal

Home security decals are a great way to create a visible deterrent as a first line of defense around your home. Let the bad guys know you mean business. We recommend placing stickers on all ground floor windows and any entry doors.