Life can be hectic sometimes. We get so caught up in going with the motions that we lose track of the things we often take for granted. By installing an indoor camera to my Qolsys IQ System, my life has become so much easier. I can keep track of what means most to me.


My Kids

My kids take the bus to and from school everyday. With my home security system I receive text messages when they get home from school, but how do I know if anyone is with them? With my new Indoor Camera, it’s made it so easy to check in and make sure they made it home safely from school.

school bus







My Pets

I love my pets so much, but they can sure get into some trouble when I am not home. With my Indoor Camera, I can check in to see them throughout day and make sure they aren’t getting into the trash can or even chewing on my furniture.

dog making mess






Peace of Mind

Most of all I have my Peace of Mind back. I’m no longer left worrying, or calling my kids constantly to make sure they are okay. Because now I can see them getting an afternoon snack and starting their homework as promised. Well, most of the time. Hey! I can dream can’t I?

teens playing video games