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Are you smarter than a burglar?

Would you do anything to protect your family? No matter what the cost? Yes? That’s what I thought. Have you ever considered purchasing a home security system, but worried about the cost? I bet you decided that it wasn’t a necessity, am I correct? Well, did you know that in the United States a burglary […]

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Secure the Rainbow to your Pot O’ Gold

St. Patrick’s Day is upon us. Green beer anyone? It’s wearing green, kissing the Blarney Stone and romping through fields of 4-leaf clover time. The celebration of this Patron Saint started in the 5th Century in Ireland and all our beloved Irish immigrants brought this celebration to America. In places like Boston, New York, and […]

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Spring Break Safety Tips

Ah, Spring Break! The time of year when the young adults in America throw caution to the wind and PARTY with wild abandon! This tradition has been going on for decades. It used to be just Florida and California, but now the Caribbean Islands get their fair share of Spring Breakers. Ya Mon.   Whether it’s […]

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Academy Awards Security is Hush Hush

Every year the Academy Awards draws the biggest and brightest stars to Hollywood. They come dressed in the finest designer wear, showcasing their figures, their personality and making statements with their designer choices. Armani, Vercace, Bob Mackie all are featured for the title of Best Dressed. The jewelry they wear, most of it rented from […]

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Nothing says I love you like…

It’s Valentine’s Day again… the very thought of this day makes the ladies hearts all aflutter and strikes fear into the hearts of their guys. Didn’t we just finish with Christmas? Now I have to come up with something else? Geez! You can do the same old thing, a card, roses, chocolate. Sure, I love […]

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Big Security Rip-Off

How to Protect Yourself

The following list is full of great tips and insider information on Security Systems. There are so many choices out there; which do you choose? As consumers, we are faced with getting a good value for things that are reliable and not getting ripped off. Quite a balancing act. I feel like […]

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New Ways to Use Security Cameras

Now that I have my new Indoor cameras, I am learning new ways to use them that I never would have thought before. My daughter calls it the virtual eyes in the back of my head. Although, I am not sure she means that lovingly. I’m sure my cameras have diverted […]

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Cameras Make Life Easier

Life can be hectic sometimes. We get so caught up in going with the motions that we lose track of the things we often take for granted. By installing an indoor camera to my Qolsys IQ System, my life has become so much easier. I can keep track of what means most to me.


My […]

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Out With The Old, In with the New Technology!

Happy 2016 Everyone! It’s insane how fast 2015 flew by. It makes me wonder- where did last year go? My theory is that the speed of today’s technology and communication just makes the time fly. There were so many changes last year in technology. Like I got an iPhone 6 and a new 60” HD […]

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Even Santa Knows the Benefits of Technology!

This time of year, Santa is a pretty busy guy. Can you imagine how one guy flies all around the world, bringing toys to all the good boys and girls? How does he ever do it? Santa has a lot of work throughout the year to prepare for the Christmas season. While he does have […]

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